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Style Influencer: Monica Ahuja

Unity Blend is always eager to collaborate with style influencers and digital bloggers, but I have learned it can take time and patience to find the RIGHT influencer. I didn’t realize how lucky I got when style blogger Monica Ahuja @ms.ahuja reached out to me and initiated our first conversation about a possible collaboration. Long story short, she liked what she saw, and so did I!

Since then, she has styled three pieces for Unity Blend (down below) and has written two blog pieces that share her reviews and thoughts about the brand. If you are a lover of fashion, world trends, and culture then she is certainly an influencer to watch and follow.

Seriously, if you take one look at her Instagram feed you will be mesmerized.

You’ll quickly notice that she takes her style inspiration from her Southeast Asian roots (Her mother is Indian and father is Pakistani) and blends it with modern Western designs. Her aesthetic is very East meets West, and if you have ever read the Unity Blend motto, then you can see why she is the perfect influencer for our brand.

Monica makes bold fashion choices and loves bringing the runway to the streets. “I love things that stand out,” she exclaimed.

Monica’s Other Stand-Out Talent

Monica has been dancing since the age of five and is an Indian-trained Bharatnatyam dancer. She moved to the United States from India in 2008 and has been actively involved in the South Asian community throughout the D.C., Maryland and Virginia area where she resides.  

Monica is just 25-years-old and has already created an impressive resume. She works full-time as a talent acquisition manager, is co-founder of Soul Entertainment Group, and was recently crowned Jewel of India Calendar Girl 2017.

 While I could list more accolades and accomplishments, the most important reason I have come to respect Monica is because she is a fighter and believer of her own abilities. She faces her fears and embraces her strengths. She has that blend of humility and confidence that only makes her more beautiful.

It’s because of this that I know she will be someone to watch!

I personally am really looking forward to seeing what else Monica accomplishes and am so grateful that we have had the opportunity to work together!  She looks great in her Unity Blend fashions and we know you will, too! Use code STYLE17 for 25% off your purchase at checkout now through 8/15/17!

Monica’s Instagram

Think Big, Shop Small blog post by Monica Ahuja

Summer Trendy Outfit by Monica Ahuja